Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Society News

The York County Historical Society is growing. We are slowly but surely
getting more people. This is particularly good because with new people
come new ideas.
  I have put togather new bylaws that are currently being reviewed and
will be voted on at our February 6th meeting.
  There is a lot going on at Poquoson Historical Society.  We are in
the planning stages of an Arcadia book on Poquoson. It will center
around the various old post offices and the area that they served.
    Plans are also being made to reprint Vincent Watkins book on the
"History of Poquoson".
   Personally I am starting on a couple of new research projects. One will be
a history of Dare. The other will be "The Peninsula goes to war". That one will be
about life on the Peninsula during World War II.
 It appears that I will not be lecturing on Ship Point during the Civil War event in May after all.
It seems that the York County Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee has found
a couple of more people that they deemed "more important". The event is slowly being
drained of its local element. Too bad.